Coaching Master

Who we Are

Coaching Master was launched in 2019, with the vision of unlocking infinite leadership potential into performance and inspiring clients to transition in their journeys. I offer transition coaching solutions to individuals and organisations. The main focus of Coaching Master is to build individuals as the leaders of their own lives – to thrive in both their personal and professional capacities. Most organisations rely on classroom-based training interventions for human capital development. For corporate training interventions to be effective, there is a need for ongoing support outside the training room. This is why we offer personal coaching and continuous support, where the focus is on positive outcomes surrounding certain embedded personal behaviours.

What we Do

We offer various transition coaching services such as:

Transition Coaching at only R450 (per session)

Career Coaching at only R350 (per session)

Leadership\Executive Coaching at only R750 (per session)

Group Coaching at only R250 (per person per session)

Success Coaching at only R650 (per session)

Network Coaching at only R850 (per session)

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Why Choose us

Coaching Master offers quality and the most affordable coaching services globally


Graduates benefit from our internship services and various services which integrate them to their desired employments! 

Skilled Workers

Skilled workers benefit from our networks opening fantastic doors to their next level opportunities in and beyond their areas of expertise.


Teenagers benefit from our integrated career services.